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Company certified by
TÜV Rheinland

Additives and systems for oil drilling muds.

Fluid Loss Reducers: Geltrol, Gelpac

Corrosion inhibitors: Quartamin, Progel

Primary and secondary emulsifiers: Betadet, Fosfodet, Ecomul, Gelcore

Lost circulation control: Gelblack

_ Liquids: Gelube
Solids: Gelgraf

Biodiesel: Envirodrill, Envirogel

Scale inhibitors: Gelquest

Biocides (Bactericides and Fungicides): Gelcide

Friction reducers: Geltrack

Reology modifiers:
_ For water-based muds: Gelpac
_ For inverse muds: Mudgel

Polymeric deflocculants: Gelsperse

Hydration suppressors: Geltech Super Hyde

Lutites inhibitors: Gelsperse, Gelblack

Reology & thickening modifiers polymers:
_ For water-based muds: Biogel, Gelpac, Geltech PHPA
_ For oil-based muds: Ecogel

Additives for viscoelastic fluids: Gelxan

Wellbore stabilizers: Gelblack Plus

Dispersants: Geltan

Bridging and weighting agents: Gelcar

Sulphydric Scavengers: Geltech ZN

Shale-control Inhibitors: Gelcar Plus

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Fax: 0054-11-4581-8834 | Celphone: 0054-9-11-4400-7696
Email: contacto@gel-technologies.com | Web: www.gel-technologies.com
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